Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another breakin at Shaadi's shop

Sunday night, settler youth again entered former Palestinian shops. Shaadi called us and when we got there, we could see them climbing in, and carrying stuff out. All of a sudden, a big glob of spit came flying our way, and we had to dodge. Two settler teens were standing on a roof above us, spitting. They told us they have a right to be there and that "this is our land".

We went to tell the soldiers about both the robbers and the spitters. The soldiers reassured they would take care of it, and came up there. After they left, the same teens came back and threw a bucket of water at us.

Army was called in again. The teens did not come back, but one of the soldiers began swearing at us, and called the female ISMers "whores". On the way back to our apartment, as we walked down Shuhada Street, some settler young men yelled at us and threw water at us, as well as a plastic bottle (that missed).

It's hard to understand what possesses people to go out at night and make life as difficult as possible for their neighbours. It is even harder to understand why the authorities, who claim to the world that they are the most moral army and are just, take their side.

Robbers again entering Shaadi's former shop.

One of the youth from the group who were spitting and throwing water us.

The soldier looking at us has in the past been known to encourage settlers to make trouble for Palestinians. He called the female ISMers "whores".

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