Sunday, August 10, 2014

More random pictures

A man in H1 Hebron making shish-kebabs. It was my first time having them in Palestine.

Some Palestinian guys who hung out with us on Thursday, when we couldn't go home due to clashes. They bought us tea and hung out with us for five hours. It was awesome.

I had a small problem that day with a 10 year old kid, who was very offended that I was wearing my cross, and demanded that I take it off. I refused. After unsuccessfully trying to rip it off, he brought forward a Hamas flag, and demanded I kiss it. I also said no, so he got aggressive and started pushing me. 
One of the guys in the photo, as well as several other Palestinians who were observing, made him stop, and very harshly told him off. 

Later, the kid came back and sheepishly apologized for his behaviour. I told him I forgive him. 

Some of the Palestinians in the Old City, who are devout Muslims as well as some of them also supporters of Hamas, heard about this. They were absolutely outraged. They told me this kind of behaviour is shameful and does not represent the Palestinian people. 

A Syrian Orthodox church service in Bethlehem. The whole liturgy was sung, and no instruments were used. It was very different from what I am used to in church, and very beautiful. The whole service also was in Arabic. Although I couldn't understand a word, I really enjoyed it. 

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