Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday, August 9- Israeli sniper shoots Palestinian youth

Israeli soldiers climbing onto the roof of a Palestinian home. From there, they would shoot the youth.

Angry soldier tells ISMers to move away from the house. They were asked if its Palestinian residents gave permission for them to be on the roof. 

The soldier with the rifle shot the youth. The one beside him was giving co-ordinates.
As the metal bullets beside him show, he was using live ammunition.

Shot of soldiers from the roof.

The sniper enjoys a good laugh, seconds after he shot the Palestinian youth.

Coming back to the base, after leaving the roof.

The spotter (giving the "v" sign), poses with the sniper (in the middle), and another soldier who was part of the "team".

Another gesture of "victory". This guy didn't actually shoot the youth, though he claimed he did. He gave coordinates to the sniper.
He asked me to put his photo "on the internet".

Waving goodbye after a successful "mission".

The guy facing the camera told me that he wishes he could kill every Arab in Hebron. He said also that if Israelis attacked Arabs, he wouldn't shoot them.

In the photos below, two Palestinian youth throw rocks at soldiers, who are on another roof. Although I do not support rock throwing and I do not think it changes or accomplishes anything, it isn't hard to see how the constant abuses, humiliations, and injustices faced by Palestinians drive many to violently confront the army.

Many people feel that this is the only thing they can do to resist.

Video of the incident, which was taken by an ISMer, who was observing the events from a different roof.

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