Friday, August 1, 2014

Night time burglary- photos and videos

Abed and Shaadi calling the DCO.

One of the settlers can be seen entering the former shop

The soldier on the roof. He was helpful and notified the other soldiers... who unfortunately did nothing.

Soldiers entering the area to speak to Shaadi and Abed. TIPH can be seen on the scene.

Soldiers talking to the brothers. As they were speaking with them, the settlers came back.

After the soldiers left, the settlers came back. Instead of looking for them, they decided to remove the ladder which they used to climb down into the area.

Video of soldiers speaking to Abed and Shaadi. The settlers broke in as they were speaking, and the soldiers could see them (3:01 in the video). They slowly walked back to the base, and didn't try to pursue them. One of the soldiers who was at the gate, whom we spoke to, was surprised that the settlers weren't arrested. 

I've seen him around before, and believe he was one of the few who genuinely was trying to help.

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