Thursday, August 14, 2014

More random pictures

A Palestinian flag. We in ISM fly it high and proud by the apartment.

Shish-kabob in a sandwich with some hot sauce, in Hebron.

A Palestinian man selling coffee.

A yellow serveece drives by an Israeli military guard tower. Unfortunately, they are a sight for every Palestinian living in the West Bank.

A mix of a Palestinian and a Western meal in Bethlehem. Fried meat, salad and french fries with pita bread and hummus.

Jewish products being sold in a shop in the Old City, Jerusalem.

Jewish worshipers returning from the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem.

A Palestinian kid near Idhna village.

A street cat in Hebron. Yeah, Scruffy may be cute but don't let that fool you. These yowling feline creatures kept climbing into our apartment through the roof at night, and would get into our garbage.

Adorable bunnies on sale in the market in the Hebron Old City. No, they aren't for petting but for eating. 
We didn't slaughter any animals during the rare times we had meat. We bought it from those who already did the dirty work for us.

Falafel. This is one of the standard foods for both Palestinians and Israelis, and I hear others in the middle east.

Kuskus dish- couscous, eggplant sauce and chicken. A Palestinian dish.

Musakhan- fried onions, fried chicken, along with almonds and spices on sour Arab bread. A Palestinian dish. 

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