Friday, August 1, 2014

One day, three settler attacks

On Thursday, ISMers in Hebron responded to three calls.

One was around noon, from Shaadi. Settler children were throwing rocks at his home. When we got there, it was necessary to walk very cautiously, to avoid the flying stones. We notified the soldiers, and they talked to the boys and made them stop. The soldiers claimed they were arrested, though no one saw this happen.

At night-time, the brothers called us again. Settlers again were breaking into their shop. We arrived, and it was all quiet. We spent a few hours at their home, watching the news from Gaza.

On the way back to our apartment, we walked by the Shamsias, who had stones thrown at them by settler youth walking by. They also walked over, entered their yard, and slapped their son across the face.

One day, three attacks. Shaadi and Shamsi (along with their families, who live close to one another), never know when their property will be targeted next. Last year, one of the Shamsia's sons was beaten so badly that he blacked out, and needed to be hospitalized.

This is the reality for many Palestinians in Hebron, who live with neighbours who intend to terrorize and force them out, and have the support of the army in their campaign.

As settler kids throw rocks, a CPTer takes pictures

One of the settler kids who was throwing rocks at the brothers' shop 

Settler kids jumping on trampoline

Looking down at us. The rock throwing resumed again.

Shaadi pleads with a soldier to intervene. Eventually, they made the kids stop.

Settlers look down on Shaadi's home.

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