Saturday, July 12, 2014

An encouraging news item

As missiles and bombs are being dropped on Gaza where already more than 100 people have been killed, and rockets fly from Gaza into Israel- which have caused some injuries but for the most part are ineffective... there are many people who are calling for more blood.

Some people in the hostel we are staying at are promoting cutting off water and electricity to the Palestinians in Gaza, others who are commenting on certain news websites are saying that the Palestinian people all need to be either ethnically cleansed or killed. I am sure that there are also such voices on the Arab side also.

However, not everyone is baying for more killing and more blood.

I read this article today in an Israeli newspaper.

300 Arabs, Jews protest Israeli-Palestinian violence

Around 300 Arabs and Jews are demonstrating outside the Arab town of Tira against Israeli and Palestinian violence — rocket fire by Hamas and Israeli air strikes, Ynet reports.
Protesters are holding placards with the slogan “Arab and Jews refuse to be enemies.”
May God bless them, and may their voices be heard.

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