Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some more random pictures from Hebron

Settler kids playing inside an army jeep

Palestinian Authority police. Often, their job is to prevent Palestinians from fighting the Israeli Army. I have seen them intimidating Palestinians on the street, and once very brutally handcuffing a young child, and throwing him in the back of a police van. He was later released.

Marketplace in H1

A smoldering post. Someone tried to sabotage this powerline, that leads to both Palestinian and Israeli settler houses. 

Goats feeding on garbage on the side of the road

An armed settler walking down Shuhada Street.

Supper. A fellow ISMer and I went all out and bought a chicken at the market, and made ourselves a feast one evening.

Two Palestinian girls walk by a soldier, and two Israeli settler boys who are hanging out at the checkpoint with him.

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