Monday, July 7, 2014

The Old City

My wife and I are enjoying visiting the Old City, and walking through the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian quarters. The markets are alive with people buying food and hanging out. In the Muslim quarter, many eateries and restaurants are closed, as people fast from sunrise to sunset, during Ramadan. I am not a Muslim, but I have a lot of respect for people who are able to discipline themselves in this way for their beliefs.

One also sees many Orthodox Jews, as they walk to prayer and Torah studying. Their distinctive dress- often in all black- stands out and can be seen by all people. I have no idea how they can survive like this in the very strong daily heat, but somehow they do it. I am not Jewish either, but again, I respect how they take their faith so seriously.

Shopkeepers in the Muslim Quarter
Orthodox Jews praying near Kind David's Tomb. One of the men prayed for me in Hebrew, and took a picture of me wearing a kippah. All men entering the site of prayer were required to wear one.

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