Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some random pictures

An angry settler woman gets back to her car, after having glared at us and some Palestinian children who were with us, and filming with her camera.

Settlers coming by, filming, cursing, spitting and in the rare cases getting physically aggressive, is something that almost all ISMers and CPTers and anyone who has spent enough time in Hebron, has experienced. The problems we face are nothing compared to what Palestinians face- who have had their homes broken into, property set on fire, and suffer attacks that end up with children and elderly women in emergency rooms. Some have been shot dead by settlers.

An "eye selfie", I guess. There is a small group of Palestinian children who live close to our apartment, and enjoy hanging out with us when we're outside and close to the home. Cameras are something that they definitely find to be very, very cool. This picture was taken by a little girl, who decided to take a photo of her eye.

One late night we came back home after two distressing incidents, and this group of young guys who hang out close to our building in the evenings, challenged us to a game of soccer. We got trounced pretty badly, but it was a lot of fun and a nice relief from the rest of the day.

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