Thursday, July 10, 2014

Visit to Capernaum

My wife and I had the pleasure and privilege of going to Capernaum. It is where the Bible states that Jesus performed many of His miracles.

We saw the Sea of Galilee, where He and the disciples fished. We visited a church that is allegedly built over Peter's house, and another one where Jesus told Peter that he is the rock of the church.

It was extremely hot, like +35 degrees outside. The weather reminded me a lot of the Sonora Desert of Arizona. In temperatures lie this, drink a lot of water. The distance between the two churches was 2 kilometres, we hiked there and back.

On the way back, we saw something very worrying. Tank after tank was being driven north, by vehicles. It looks like an invasion of Gaza may be happening soon. It will mean even more death and suffering for the Palestinian people living there.

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