Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pictures of July 28 incident

The settler woman, who identifies herself as Tzippi, filming Palestinian kids
Settler kids gather close to a Palestinian's porch. The little girl by the wall is Palestinian.

Some Palestinian kids react to Tzippi by filming her. This helped drive her into more of a rage.

More Israeli soldiers show up. They began pushing Palestinian kids with cameras around, while allowing Tzippi to continue filming.

Tzippi pointing a person out to the police. Everyone she had arrested for "assault" was released after several hours.
Tzippi with somesettler children gather in the backyard of the Shamsi family. Their mother and some Palestinian children look on. 

A Palestinian boy stands up to a soldier. His mother is also filming.

Soldiers prepare to enter and search a man's house. He can be seen on the cellphone.

Armed police officer in the Shamsi family house

Armed soldiers and police in the home.

While the army and police were in the Shamsi home, we kept filming them and asking what right do they have to be in the family's home. One of them is clearly unhappy that his abuse of human rights is being questioned.

The police car which drove one of the ISMers and two Palestinians to the station, for an 8 hour long detention.

Teenage settler youth gather at the scene of the confrontation. Neither the police or army made any attempt to remove them, though they tried to tell Palestinians to go back to their homes, and to stop filming.


  1. Haven't heard from you. How are you? Jen

  2. It's very intense here, but praise be to God I am doing well. Please keep the people who are living in this situation everyday in your prayers. May there one day be justice.