Saturday, July 19, 2014

Drive to Hebron- some landscape

We left Ramallah today, and drove to Hebron in a servees. The ride was very long, about an hour. The distance between these two cities is not that big, but Palestinians are forced to make detours to get around the settlements. We saw several guard towers. They can be seen across the West Bank, and are something that are part of daily life for Palestinians.

The landscape is very different from what I am used to in Manitoba. It is hot, rocky, and dusty. You can see shepherds walking with their sheep, and in other places, olive trees. It has a beauty to it.

According to the Book of Genesis, when God made the world, He made everything in it good. The world is His creation and handiwork, creation cries out His praises. It is unfortunately when people fall prey to sin, that the world He created for us is full of suffering and injustice and pain.

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