Sunday, July 13, 2014

Israel National Museum photos (2)

Early Christian tapestries, architecture

A bust of Emperor Hadrian, who mercilessly put down a Jewish revolt during the second century.

Belongings of the rebels, who the Romans murdered or enslaved, after capture.

                                           Remnants of an ancient Jewish synagogue.
                                          Muslim art.        

A model of the inside of an early Christian church

                                         Masks from around the world.
                                          Statues made by indigenous peoples in Central and South America.

African masks

                                                Asian statues and art

                                             Painting from Europe (1)

                                              Painting from Europe (2)


                                          "The Shrine of the Book"

"The Great Bamboo". This place looks so much fun to climb. Unfortunately, it's only for kids.
Hungry? You should be!

Climbing up to see more exhibits.

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