Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Getting to Hebron

To get into Hebron from East Jerusalem, you hop on Arab Bus 21, pay some 8 shekels (less than $3), and it will take you through the West Bank, into Bethlehem.

On the way, you will see some scenery that is a depressing component of life for Palestinians. The separation barrier cuts into their land. Contrary to what Israel's government states, it does not merely divide the two peoples, but takes away Palestinian land and gives it to Israel.

Guard towers. Soldiers that are stationed in them have shot dead children in the past.

You will get into Bethlehem, from which you will hop into a servees (group taxi), and pay another 8 shekels to get to Hebron. Below is not a servees but a normal taxi. Take one of these, and you will pay 120 shekels. Serveeses are like normal taxis, but bigger.

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