Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Christian Peacemaker Teams

J, one of the guys who I did my CPT delegation with 4 years ago when I went to Hebron, now works in the city as a CPTer. Like ISM, CPT is in Hebron to monitor and when possible intervene to stop abuses against the Palestinians, from the settlers and IDF. He is an awesome guy, and this is his third time there. His wife often comes with him, but this summer was unable to.

J and I at the Christian Peacemaker Teams apartment in Hebron

The map below shows a "firing zone" near Hebron. The IDF move into an area where there are Palestinian villages, and declare that it is a "firing zone" for military training. The people living in them are forced to leave. CPT and ISM support people in their struggle against these evictions.

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